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Shumsky gets the job done

In a rib-tickling showdown at the OZO Golf Course, where the clinks of golf clubs resounded more than the diplomatic chatter at a UN summit, 41 valiant weekend warriors—disguised as humble family men—gathered on what could only be described as the chilliest farewell to spring 2024. These gents, usually found negotiating peace at the dinner table or debating the profound implications of bedtime, in this Mother’s Day traded their parenting tools for irons and woods, proving that diplomacy can indeed extend beyond the confines of home and into the roughs and fairways.

Dear cherished wives (mothers), let's admit, you’ve struck gold—or rather, golf—with your significant others. Not only do these fine men adore you, but they’re also willing to offer the ultimate sacrifice: surrendering a perfectly good couch potato session to toil under the sun, chipping away on greens instead of vegging out in front of the TV. Truly, the stuff of legends!

Our heartfelt plea to you: cherish these men as dearly as they cherish their handicaps. After all, the RTM (Really Tired Men) Tour confirms their undying love, matched only by their enthusiasm for escaping household chores under the guise of improving their swing.

So amidst the echoes of 'Fore!' and the occasional curse after a botched putt, two heroes emerged: Adam Shumsky, who set his personal best for the year and Ernests Sinkevičš, setting an all-time personal record, proving that persistence and patience—key traits in both parenting and golfing —pay off handsomely.

As the day wrapped up, the title of “Champion” was closely contested between these two paternal paragons. And while the champion Adam Shumsky was crowned after the sudden death on Ozo's hole 13, let's not forget the real winners here: the mothers, wives, and women who sent these men off to battle with the greens, knowing full well the biggest challenge they face isn't a tricky sand trap, but rather the tricky trap of handling weekend duties without their better halves.

In the post-game press conference Adam was diplomatic “Had a slow start  - couple of daily bogeys and doubles , but gradually found a rhythm and with -1 stroke neto after the front kept myself into contention. After delivering an “Elton John” on hole 12 to save bogey, I understood that this could be my day! Made 35 ft for PAR save on 18 to get into playoff and then just kept my ball dry. Group was great!! Matiss and Edgars kept me in the game to the end and I believe Ernests will soon have a possibility to get his first RTM win too. Overall, I am very happy to join RTM tour and challenge myself against the best golfers in Latvia. Unfortunately, my service in this beautiful country ends in the end of July, but at least I will be able to fly back home with a dramatically decreased hcp.”


So, as the sun set over OZO, these men returned, slightly sunburned but immensely proud, ready to regale their tales of near-heroic feats on the course. Ladies, your knights in shining armor (or rather, argyle vests and plaid pants) have returned, perhaps not with a dragon's head, but at least with a few birdies and bogeys to their names.

We love you all and Happy Mother’s Day!


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